1.12.2016 - World Competition - M Gymkhana® WC10

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2016 Brings with it a brand new Free to Enter World Competition!  10 rounds of competition this year that will be beginning March 1st.  All competitors will have until the 19th of each month to set-up/run the course, set a time and submit a video of their best run.  Round one #2016MGymkhanaWC1 will be posted on March 1st.  Listed below are the items that will be required with your video submission in order for your time to be logged and points to be official.  The winner of the competition at the end of the year will receive a set of Avon Tyres for there motorcycle (sizes may vary), provided by Avon Tyres of North America. 1) Name of Rider 2) Country of Origin 3) Motorcycle Make 4) Time Set 5) #2016MGymkhanaWC1, 2, 3, etc…

Standard motogymkhana rules apply.  The Minimum Cone height required is 45cm, Start and Stop boxes will always be 1.5m wide by 3m long.  All 2016 courses will fit inside of an area 30m by 35m. Time Penalties are as follows: 1 second for Cone Touch, Foot Down (Tap); 3 seconds for Missing Jink Line, Multiple Foot Down (Waddle), Not Stopping in the Finish Box Boundries; DQ’d for Missing Obstacle/Riding an Obstacle in Wrong Direction. Points will be tallied as described under Rules and Regulations Section 9.5 “Competition Points Scoring”

M Gymkhana World Competition is FREE to ENTER


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